Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones Review

What Is Behringer making studio headphones for twenty dollars? It sounds crazy when you settle for what you’ll be able to typically pay cash for a nice studio earpiece.

Behringer studio headphones HPS3000 might even be the foremost effective studio headphones throughout this value vary and should be a good various for those with a tiny low studio budget. Let’s take a look at what makes them low-cost but may perhaps be worth watching to observe a studio or use associate electronic drum kit.

These are adjustable, over-ear headphones, with non-removable cables on the left aspect. the headband is padded and so the earplugs are oval and comfortable. they have the everyday silver, Behringer. Some users notice the silver plastic to look slightly cheap, but together sleek.

Construction and strength
They are not designed as a tank, but they’re planning to not fall on you directly. the final public United Nations agency owns them notice them durable. you’ll want to require care relating to overusing them, as they need care to be in condition.

Some people say that the froth pad gets broken and peels off over time, but that’s for long use and should together happen with various headsets. However, place confidence in that you just simply cannot replace the pads on these ones, where you’ll be able to with some extra premium headphones.

These headsets have one cable/twine on the left aspect. The twine may well be a really very little over six feet long, that would be a reasonably wise length for this value vary. The twine is kind of skinny compared to a variety of the dearer studio headphones, and their owners say they’re careful with the twine because of this. The instrumentality is made and 1/8 in. by default with the 1/4 in. adapter enveloped.

Owners of these headphones are usually proud of the sound they provide, but that’s together considering the price vary.

Users mentioned that they found the frequency response fairly flat once observance with these headphones. Behringer lists the response frequency as from 20Hz to 20Khz, this will be a nice wide band for budget headphones.

The sound comes from 40mm drivers, that are mounted throughout a closed earplug with a comfortable object. Even people who say they have a much bigger head or ears are comfortable.

Some people who opt to push the number with this earpiece say that the sound would possibly break or the sound is planning to be distorted when they push it, but at low to medium volume, the sound continues to be wise.

Important audio users usually mention that they suppose the bass sounds muddy, that the highs are lacking in consistency and sizzle or slightly flat.

Noise isolation
One of the disadvantages of these headphones is that the shortage of fantastic noise isolation or sound removal.

Users aforesaid they might be higher suited to follow up or use listening instead of mistreatment to admixture. they’re going to not be applicable for larger recording eventualities because of lack of noise and noise isolation. thus these might work well as track headsets for an associate musician, but won’t be a metal performer on the rise, as associate degree example.

If you’re making an attempt to seek out a attempt of cheap comfortable headsets for an associate electronic drum kit, these will work alright. Sound compete on drum pads isn’t one thing that annoys these headphones.


  • Very moderate
  • Surprisingly wise sound quality for the price
  • Comfortable
  • Negative
  • Lack of noise isolation
  • Plastic seems a tiny low quantity cheap for many
  • Distorted at higher volume

Sincerely recommendation

Ok, thus be realistic here. The Behringer HPS3000 earpiece may well be a nice surprise for relating to $ twenty. If you’re accustomed mistreatment earphones, you’ll presumably notice these sounds more than that.

If you’re aware of dearer studio headphones, you’d presumably be unhappy if you’re making an attempt to seek out a one-on-one replacement but plan to avoid wasting greenbacks by going with budget headphones. If you’re associate audiophile with high audio expectations, you’d presumably want to place confidence in a variety of the mid-range or extra premium studio headphones and skip these.

However, if you acknowledge what you’re buying here, you’ll presumably be surprised at what you’re getting for the money.

Updated: September 24, 2019 — 2:16 pm

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