Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones Review

Cream of the crop headphones renders superior frequency response, high-definition bass and ultra-crisp highs across a broad dynamic range. Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones Review gets down to the last detail on why it has customers drawn like a moth to a flame.

Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones Review

The HPS3000 integrates 40mm cobalt capsules for an optimum frequency response with excellent bass and transparent highs. Spaciously-designed, ruggedly-built and padded headband and ear cups offer durability and comfort.

High-quality audio with more robust bass and clear treble cut a fine figure for DJs and casual listeners. With oval-shaped and soft headphones, the listener’s ears remain insulated against the strain, even for long hours. It’s a dream come true for comfortable listening.

Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones | 5 Major Features

1. High-Performance Cobalt Capsule

Behringer’s dual oval-shaped, reversible and rotating ear cups pack high-resolution cobalt capsules to serve up all nuances of your music. As a selling point, the headphones allow you to relish in your sound by conveying even the most subtle nuances and notes alien to products in the same price bracket.

Blow your mind with broad scope frequency response, high-efficiency bass and crystal-clear highs, with a dynamic range to match any application. The super quality headphones generate sounds in a vibrant and fluid manner.

Tuned precision cobalt capsules will deliver super quality audio with sound excellence. 40mm cobalt capsules create a superior quality bass response for a more desirable sound quality.

2. Durable Construction

Headphones tend to degrade to a dead loss quickly due to fragile cables. The HPS3000 nips it in the bud with single-sided cord and oxygen-free copper wires resistant to tangling for maximum longevity.

Rugged and comfortable headband construction with high-quality materials underwrites longest longevity. Optimized, rotating and egg-shaped ear cups allow adjustability and snugly cover your ears without profuse sweating.

It also comes with ¼” TRS adapter for a 1/8” TRS connector make Behringer compatible with your mixing console, Smartphone and MP3 player. Precision-machined from premium-grade materials and impeccably finished, the headphones blend durability with visual accents. Oxygen-free copper cable insulated with an ultra-durable lining ensures minimal tangling.

3. Accurate Sound Output

Behringer headphones deliver meticulous sound with the finest precision and extended bass for enhanced impact. Custom-fit noise sifting ear caps create an immersive experience, maintain comfort and cut back background noise.

It keeps sound output in spades with high-precision, clear and transparent high notes for unsurpassed versatility in the market. The headphones render a bass and a brilliant high without cranking the volume so you can hear all your favorite tunes in their fullest flavor.

Behringer churns out spotless balanced lows or highs for super-quality audiophile sound; the blend renders flawless clarity for a fantastic audio experience. Immerse yourself in lucid and finely detailed sounds for an extremely captivating music entertainment.

4. Frequency Response & Sensitivity

With the average frequency response range from 20Hz to 20000Hz, these headphones provide unfettered versatility. The human ear hears between 20Hz to 20 kHz and units with this frequency response will do the trick. Frequency response refers to the range in which the units generate sounds in an audible and uniform fashion.

Headphones like Behringer with a wide frequency response range fall within the high-quality class. Sensitivity means the amount of volume a headset produces denoted in dB/mW (decibels per milliwatt).

Behringer punches in at 110 dB @ 1 kHz making it an upper sensitivity model that delivers higher volume from a minimal power source. Your Smartphone, computer or MP3 player will serve up higher volumes with these headphones without amplifying.

5. Multi-Output Applications

Behringer HPS3000 mix and monitor the volume to ensure loud sources do not burst your ears with extremely high sounds. You can monitor bass levels when you mixing sound. The bass does not obliterate any frequencies while it does not rage out of control in the minimum.

HPS3000 draws in professional or amateur recording enthusiasts. It reproduces rich audio recording characterized by smooth frequency response and high-resolution for superior quality of captured sounds and instruments.

You can play it by ear from various sources without distortion of quality. Behringer perfectly fuses with studio checking speakers to produce superior quality and professional sound audio.

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Why should you use Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones?

1. High-Precision and Quality Sound

Enjoy crystal clear and exquisitely detailed sounds rendered by innovatively tuned premium 40mm cobalt capsules. HPS3000 has an ultra-wide frequency response, high-definition bass, and super-clear highs. It has an ultra-extensive dynamic range.

2. Unique Shape & Design

The oval earcups help diminish strain and fatigue for long-hour immersion. Behringer design meets the modern audiophile demands with an exceptionally contoured shape aligned to hug your ear snugly. It also creates a separation from outside noise without aggravating bulk.

3. Anti-Tangle & Tear-Resistant    

Behringer ensures you won’t grapple with tangled and messy wires with a tear-proof and knot-free single-sided cable. It’s engineered from oxygen-free copper, tried and tested for resistance against twisting for optimum durability.

4. Adapter Included

Behringer comes with a ¼” TRS adapter compatible with the 1/8” TRS connector for use with almost all sound systems. Long-standing, tear-and-tangle-proof cables connect into all types of units such as PCs, Smartphone, MP3 player, iPods, sound mixing consoles and much more.

5. Super-Quality Build

Behringer solid-as-a-rock construction improves durability multifold. Premium-grade components and unique, rugged design will enhance longevity. Ear cups made from high-quality, sleek and elegant materials helps blend sound quality and luxurious design.

  • Tangle-free and break-resistant copper cable with an oxygen-free design
  • Well-insulated and padded oval-shaped ear cups for ultimate comfort by contouring to your ears
  • Ultra-extensive frequency response for uniform and clear audio
  • High-resolution bass and extra-transparent highs
  • High-performance cobalt capsule
  • ¼” adapter with 1/8”
  • Single-sided, tangle-free and tear-resistant oxygen-free wire
  • Optimized and comfortable oval-shaped ear cups
  • Premium-grade components and uniquely rugged ensures longevity and durability
  • The comfort of ear cups trades off portability as the unit feels bulky to carry with a small pouch

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will they do the trick with my digital guitar?

Yes, it comes with ¼” jack compatible with matching inputs like that in a guitar.

  1. What’s the design of these headphones?

Behringer falls into the over-the-ear category.

  1. Can they do the job with my iPhone5?

Yes, anything with a headphone jack.

  1. Anyone who knows the product dimensions, please?

6.89” x 8.07” x 3.7.”

  1. What’s the length of the oxygen-free cable?


Final Verdict

Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones Review harks back to tangle-resistant and long-lasting cables, sound clarity, and ultra-wide frequency response. The set gives you a slice of the studio action with a high-resolution bass and ultra-transparent highs powered by high-efficiency cobalt capsule.

Padded oval-shaped ear cups with an exceptional contoured form hug your ear without exerting strain and isolate you from the ambiance noise without increasing bulk.

Ultra-rugged headband build from high-quality components for improved durability makes it ideal to play your trump card against models with tangling and torn cables. Immerse yourself in Behringer’s plush and studio-like acoustic output to play at full blast or keep it to a dull roar without distorting highs and lows, sound clarity and overall comfort.

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