How To Make Your Beats Studio Headphones Wireless

Pair your headphones

Disconnect or reconnect

  1. Make sure your headphones don’t appear to be connected to associate audio cable.
  2. Turn on your receiver. The Bluetooth semiconductor on the left earcup is blinking.
  3. Connect your receiver to your phone or music player.
  4. The Bluetooth semiconductor blinks fourfold to substantiate that an association has been created.
  5. To turn on pairing, therefore, you’ll be able to connect with a replacement device, press and hold the b button for 2 seconds.
  • To disconnect Bluetooth, press and hold the b button.
  • To reconnect to the last Bluetooth device you used, press and unhitch the b button.

Use ANC-only mode
To turn on ANC mode entirely, press and hold the flexibility button and b button for one second.

Control your music


  • To play or pause music, press and unhitch the b button.
  • To skip to the sequent song, press the b button doubly.
  • To scan forward, press the b button doubly and hold the second press.


  • To play the previous track, press the b button thrice.
  • To scan back, press the b button thrice and hold the third press.

Receive the choice

  • To answer or end the choice, press the b button once.
  • To receive calls from your phone, not the receiver, press the b button doubly.
  • To reject associate incoming call, press and hold the b button for 2 seconds.

Find out what the lights on your receiver show

Status LED
Quick pulse = Search Bluetooth association
Above (solid) = Connected to Bluetooth

Updated: September 24, 2019 — 2:46 pm

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