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How To Use Beats Studio Headphones

The new generation of studio headphone Beats (wireless) set the world on fire with space-age cans designed to deliver the yearned hip-hop sound and pumped-up bass. They support Bluetooth-capability and shutting out the world with adaptive noise-canceling technology.

With the industry’s smash hit redesigned and given the knife, we set the ball rolling with a cut and dried guide on how to use beats studio headphones.

Go off-the-cuff with the set by knowing your way around keys and parts as well as using the remote mic. It comes with a Multi-function key, trackback, volume down and up; track forward and back, Play/Pause button, microphone, and charger connect. The set runs on all cylinders with a fresh battery and pairing with a compatible device.

8 Things To Consider About How To Use Beats Studio Headphones:

1. Recharging the Battery

The headphones boast a Micro USB cable compatible with computers or USB-supported charging.

Plug the Micro USB end into a suitable port charger connector beneath the left earcup of the set.

Plug the other tip into a USB port of a device that supports USB-charging. The indicator light will blink red if it’s charging.

Once fully recharged, the indicator remains steady in green. For duly-spent batteries, recharge at least for one hour.

A fully-charged battery runs at full pelt fadeless for up to 10 hours powering phone calls and music playing. The cell has up to 100 hours standby time. You can ravish in your favorite tracks as you charge the headset.

2. Roll Up Your Sleeves & Spring Into Action

To power on, push and hold the Multifunction key momentarily.

When the headset connects at-the-ready for use, the blue alert light blinks slowly while it automatically goes into pairing mode when not joined.

Hit the play/pause button in the center and repeat to resume.

To skip track and backward to next track, push and release the center key twice fast to go forward. Press and let go three times like a bat out of hell to skip back.

Scan ahead and rewind through streaming feed in a fast clip by hitting the center key twice, latch on the second press to screen forward. Let go when you want to halt the scanning brakes. Scan backward by pressing the center key thrice, hanging in the third press.

3. Pairing

Switch your headset ON and also activate the music player or device. To manually trigger off pairing mode, push and hang on the “b” button for two seconds.

To pair the set if you had connected to another device previously, first switch off the unit. Push and hold the Multifunction button for up to five seconds until blue and red indicators pop up flashing across quickly.

Set off the Bluetooth feature on your pairing device, and tweak it to search for Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth LED staged left will blink indicating it’s in pairing mode.

The Bluetooth LED blinks four times to verify a successful connection and remains ON.

4. Patch through Your Calls

To crank calls, use your iPhone without going against the grain with the headset connected.

  1. To trigger voice dialing with no call underway, hit the multifunctional key twice fast until your phone goes to voice dialing. To answer and end calls, press the multi-purpose switch apace.
  2. To decline a phone-call, push and latch onto the multifunctional key for up to about two seconds. You can mute and un-mute the microphone with a call in progress by pressing the play/pause button.
  3. To switch an on-going call from your phone to the headphones, press and hang in the multifunctional switch for approximately two seconds.

5. Music To Your Ears

Beats studio headphones will start off your music with a bang; connect the unit to a compatible device. The music functions standard vary based on your music player or phone.

If you return or make a call during a music session, the setup pauses until you hang up. To sound off, select the music player and hit the Play/Pause key.

Symphonize the next song as you playback by pushing the track forward button quickly. Replay the other song by pressing the track back control once or twice fast. To sift through the playing song quickly, push and hold either button.

6. Clear Settings, Reset & Adjust Volume

To clear the connecting mode from the headphones, power off the unit and force and hold the multifunction and volume down controls (for more than eight seconds). Wait for the red or blue indicator alerts to oscillate three times.

To reset the unit, connect to a charger and push the multifunction and volume up controls simultaneously. To adjust the set’s volume, push the key up or down during phone calls and as you relish your earshot of music. To readjust volume hastily, push and latch onto either control.

Also, switch to wired headphones and save battery life by connecting one end of the cable to the underside of the earcup and the other to a compatible device. Injecting an audio cable deactivates wireless capability.

7. Swing into High Gear W/ In-Line Remote & Mic Cable

Beats Wireless boasts a nifty remote mic cable permits you to receive calls and speak hands-free without Bluetooth connectivity. Some functionality changes by device type.

It comes in handy for phone calls or Siri for remote talk to support a broad array of functions on an intuitive remote, to ensure you don’t toy with the controls aimlessly. The cable runs like regular clockwork on devices like Android and Apple-like phones.

Functions include:

  • Play/Pause
  • Skip Forward/Backward
  • Scan Forward/Backward
  • Answer
  • End Call
  • Voice Command: You can also press and hang on the multifunction key until voice reactivates.
  • Volume Control+-

8. Trade Secrets & Hacks to Tough it Out

  • If the headphones beep fading tones, and the red alert light flashes across, it has switched off
  • If the set remains disconnected or inactive within ten minutes, it powers off automatically
  • To make and answer calls hands-free with a compatible phone or submerge to music from another device, ensure they stay within close range at 10 meters from each other
  • If warranted, press pass-code 0000 to pair and link the unit to your device
  • Beats studio headphones serve up detailed and balanced audio performance at a dull-roar volume level
  • Vacuum cleaner or hair dryer noise may disrupt and chime in telephone conversations

Final Verdict

If you know a trick or two on how to use beats studio headphones, you can fine-tune the unit for loud bass and vocals as clear as vodka. The headsets feel as snug as a bug in a rug over the ear hitting the excellent sound for a Bluetooth pairing and activated noise –cancelling technology.

You can collapse the unit into a space-saving form while pairing to your phone or compatible device sounds like easy duck soup.

Bluetooth functionality promotes trouble-free user operation and stays hooked on up to 30’ from the audio source. Equipped with Bluetooth technology, you jettison cable clutter. Take calls, skip over songs, and readjust volume directly from your beats studio headphones.

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