Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones Review

As technology continues to push the frontiers of all industries, manufacturers now develop top-end units aimed at the most discerning listener. Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones Review trumps up a set that revs up and retools you for professional studio performance.

Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones Review

Open-ear design with sizable ear cups envelope your ears entirely, sifting out external noise to deliver super-quality sound. With a self-contouring headband for a snug, natural fit, the unit offers lavish comfort for long hour sessions.

Samson SR850 headphones produce a brilliant sound output for musicians, acoustic engineers, and general music connoisseur fans seek. With the vibrant bass response, super-crystalline highs and an open-ear design, the Samson SR850 renders lavish comfort and scalpel-precise sound monitoring.

Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones Review | 5 Major Features 

1. Open-Ear Architecture

The Samson SR850 Headphones come in an open-ear style for a superior ambient listening isolation subtly permits appropriate bleed for improved stereo imaging and a broader sound stage. The Samson’s open-ear design renders optimum isolation.

It also diminishes ear strain and feels cozy to play it by ear with the set during long-hour mixing or immersion sessions. Unlike closed ear cups, the headphones allow some external noise to combine with the music. The style helps boost sound clarity for some genres of compositions.

These headphones feel ultra-comfortable with gentler pressure on the ear parts. The design permits sound to poke through to transmit audio to someone near you if you want. It also renders crystal-clear, detailed sound and capacious stereo imaging.

2. High-Precision 50mm Drivers

The 50mm drivers provide unique sound reproduction and ultra-wide dynamic range to inject confidence into your ultimate mix or just offer brilliant sound quality for a casual listening experience. 50mm diameter driver unit renders superior quality sound.

The assembly yields full immersion in crystal-clear details and high-definition audio in its purest state. Premium-grade 50mm drivers offer an ultra-wide yet pristine sound fidelity. The drivers unit will generate detailed natural sound.

It can reproduce all your musical dynamics and hit well-balanced crisp bass, crystal-clear mid-range and pristine high frequencies. Subtle drivers housing fit the ears for diminished sound reflection, suitable for recording artists, audio experts, educators, and performers.

3. Self-Adjusting Headband

Self-adjusting headband offers a snug, natural fit for lavish comfort during extensive studio sessions. The extra-wide and self-conforming band of padding sits gently atop the head and exerts slightly minimal pressure.

Swivel design allows trouble-free and single-sided monitoring. Branded adaptable headband ensures a secure on-ear fit and optimum comfort. The padded and reversible inner band cozily hugs your ears based on your head size and anatomy.

It’s generously padded for long hour comfort and durability. It’s also lightweight and perspiration-free, but flexible for a snug-hug fit for the gods.

4. 10Hz~30 kHz Frequency Response & 32 Ohm impedance

Improved frequency response renders high-precision audio across an extensive spectrum. With 32 Ohm impedance, sensitivity and power-handling calibrated its ideal for top-class audio devices like DJ mixers, amplifiers or mixing consoles.

Optimized impedance and power handling hit the spot with professional audio devices. The 10Hz~30 kHz Frequency Response range produces a tight bass and crisp, high-end extension with minimized distortion. Optimized for home or studio recording, they generate high-precision audio across an extensive scale.

Ultra-wide frequency range serves up full bass or detailed highs. Tailor-made frequency response produces a natural and balanced sound. No matter the genre of music or audio application, it has a clean bass, mids and treble.

5. Professional Studio Reference Headphones

As christened, the SR850 shine through as Professional studio reference headphones and provide accurate monitoring performance for quality output. The unit will do the job at high gear for sound engineering, playing back music or mixing with outstanding results.

Tried and tested by acoustic engineers, artists and DJs, the Samson SR850 meticulous build produces the most accurate and scalpel-precise sound that experts seek.

With the robust bass response, ultra-clear highs combined with the open-ear style, the headphones offer full comfort and precise monitoring of the set. The package includes 1/8” to ¼” gold insulated adapter and user manual for a broad array of professional applications.

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Why should you use Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones?

1. Professional Studio Applications

The SR850 comes with a self-adjusting headband for a snug, comfortable fit with lavish comfort for prolonged studio sessions. You can catch the subtle and hidden nuances of your music or detect flaws due to accurate reproduction.

2. Open-Ear Design

SR850 headphones provide an open-ear design for improved ambient listening isolation, permitting exquisite bleed for superior stereo imaging and an ultra-extensive soundstage. The style ensures optimum separation for deep immersion.

3. 50mm Drivers

The 50mm drivers have unique reproduction and ultra-extensive dynamic range. It can add credulity to your final product or just enhance the sound quality significantly.

It offers a top-class listening experience suitable for recording artists, performers, sound engineers and audio enthusiasts.

4. Self-Adjusting Headband

The self-adjusting headband offers a snug, comfy fit. You will have a whale of a time for long sessions without sustaining fatigue or strain on your ears. It also allows easier monitoring of studio performances and sessions.

5. Wide 10Hz~30 kHz Frequency Response 

With the SDR850’s ultra-wide frequency response offers sound quality and detailed output. The frequency response range lacks mid/high range anomalies for accurate treble, transparent and open mid-range and in-depth, crisp bass at any volume level for an impeccably balanced sound.

  • Open-ear style for optimum isolation, improved the ambient listening experience, allowing proper bleed for superior stereo imaging and extensive soundstage
  • 50mm drivers provide exquisite sound reproduction and wide dynamic range
  • Self-adjusting headband for a snug, comfortable fit for extended studio sessions
  • Professional studio-quality reference applications
  • 10Hz~30 kHz Frequency Response and 32 Ohm impedance
  • A 1/8” to ¼” gold insulated adapter included
  • The robust bass response, super-clear highs and accurate monitoring
  • Cord not retractile making it inconvenient and messy to transport or store

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do they create a nuisance due to the open-ear design for people around you?

No, the sound leakage remains considerably low.

  1. Is the cord detachable?

No, you cannot remove the cable.

  1. Does the velour padding come as advertised in the pictures?

Yes, ample cushioning for cozy comfort.

  1. How long does the cable stretch to the maximum level?

It’s approximately 8.25 feet.

  1. How does it perform regarding noise suppression?

The unit sifts out external noise but allows a slight background sounds to seep in.

Final Verdict

Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones Review will pique the curiosity of anyone monitoring studio or home recording where accuracy and quality reign supreme. With a smooth listening ambiance, it makes your experience as merry as a cricket.

Over-ear design, 50mm drivers, and ultra-wide frequency response raise the bar in the industry. Improved frequency response ensures accurate audio for an extensive range while the set nestles cozily contouring to your anatomy.

Self-adjusting headband offers comfort and versatility. The 1/8” to ¼” gold insulated adapter included allows compatibility with a broad range of devices. The open-design diminishes fatigue making them ideal for extended mixing and listening sessions.

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